Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Coast Guard has always had a strong environmental ethos?

The Chicago Tribune notes the Coast Guard target practice plan roils public. No kidding. They interviewed the D9 Commander, Rear Admiral John Crowley, about the Coast Guard's plan. They quote Rear Admiral Crowley as saying, "Safety is always paramount for us, and the Coast Guard has always had a strong environmental ethos."

Yeh, I guess those guys tossing the batteries into the deep had a pretty strong environmental ethos, too. As did the guys putting hazardous waste into dump sites on various islands occupied by the Coast Guard.

No mention of FATS. Maybe I'm off base, but I picture an 18-wheeler with the trailer outfitted with a boat FATS. The BFATS travels to all the stations and they conduct firearms training in the parking lot. And no iron in the lakes.

I know; it's probably cheaper just to dump tons of ammo into the lakes.

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