Monday, November 27, 2006

Don't worry; be happy

Maybe it is as easy as Bobby McFerrin's 1988 hit. Is it as simple as just not worrying? Turns out, maybe it is.
As a motivational speaker and executive coach, Caroline Adams Miller knows a few things about using mental exercises to achieve goals. But last year, one exercise she was asked to try took her by surprise.

Every night, she was to think of three good things that happened that day and analyze why they occurred. That was supposed to increase her overall happiness.

"I thought it was too simple to be effective," said Miller, 44, of Bethesda. Md. "I went to Harvard. I'm used to things being complicated."

Miller was assigned the task as homework in a master's degree program. But as a chronic worrier, she knew she could use the kind of boost the exercise was supposed to deliver.

She got it.
Check out this story by Malcolm Ritter, a science writer with the Associated Press, and don't worry; be happy.

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  1. How ironic that you wrote the same headline for that post that I did. (Yours did show up first, though.) Maybe you haven't run out of ideas. Or if you have, perhaps so have I.