Sunday, November 26, 2006

Financially self sustaining insurgency

Iraqi Killings
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While I'm trying to keep the lights on, it seems the Iraq insurgents are having no problems paying the bills.

As reported by John F. Burns and Kirk Semple in the New York Times:
The insurgency in Iraq is now self-sustaining financially, raising tens of millions of dollars a year from oil smuggling, kidnapping, counterfeiting, connivance by corrupt Islamic charities and other crimes that the Iraqi government and its American patrons have been largely unable to prevent, a classified United States government report has concluded.
Evidently the report writers believe the insurgents are generating upwards of $200 million a year to finance their efforts. And their income generating efforts are all current and inside Iraq.

This is no home grown, small scale, goon operation.

I don't know... could it... maybe... demonstrate some structure & C2 capabilities... might it be an indicator of, er, civil war.

Oh, say it ain't so, please.

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  1. The Sunni insurgency is very well funded, by Saudi Arabia and if you belive some recent reports in The New Yorker by the states.

    At the very least the Saudi's are funding the insurgents that are killing 92% of all the Americans killed in Iraq.