Monday, November 13, 2006

Is this really what it is all about?

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With elections, you see a lot of trickery. With elections, you see a lot of deceptions...

But do we want to condone it?

An interesting article from the Washington Post by Matthew Mosk and Avis Thomas-Lester. They report that two candidates in last week's election used out-of-town homeless people to pass out deceptive campaign literature.

Dirty? Under-handed? Ethical? Legal?

I think what it tells me is to ignore candidates' literature and do my own thinking and research.

Oh, and did it work? Well it appears that both Bob Ehrlich and Michael Steele lost, handily... so, I'm thinking it was a tactic which was desperate and useless...

And perhaps voters will have long memories for when they next run for public office.

And, while I don't know if the effort was legal, I'd say it wasn't ethical, it was under-handed, and it was dirty pool.

I'm amazed that we can't have a reasonable election.

Which reminds me; I heard President Carter talk recently about the elections in Nicaragua. He was asked about whether the Carter Center, which watches elections around the world to ensure fairness, would watch in the United States. He replied that the US doesn't even meet the basic standards which must be met before they'll go and watch.

That's right... our processes don't meet what we would consider appropriate for other countries.

Ah, doesn't matter. After all, we rank 120th in the world in terms of voter participation...

Hmmm. I wonder if there's a relationship there...

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