Wednesday, November 01, 2006

This is what we have become

Originally uploaded by Fois.Gras.
I posted several weeks ago about the trend for minuscule Halloween costumes. And then I saw this:
Five hotties ready to party on Halloween. Generally adult women dressing for Halloween choose the same costume, the slut; the manifestations are varied but the essence is the same. It may be a sluty nurse, or sluty witch, or a sluty cat, or sulty jack-o-lantarn or a sulty Dick Cheney; but they're all dressed the same. There is nothing wrong with this trend, and I hope it continues for my lifetime. In fact, I think the problem is in the other 364 days of the year; women feel like they cannot express themselves as they wish. They wait for Halloween to be free of sexual repression. These sluty costumes were featured on the hottie watch blog.
I think I'll just stop observing contemporary society.

And, whatever you do, don't go here to see more Halloween photos posted by Fois.Gras.

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