Sunday, November 12, 2006

We all have something to say

We all have something to say. Some of us say it with words on a blog; some of us say it with words set to music.

I saw this on Vivian Paige's blog, but she didn't want to say anything... ;-)

I say it's time to join hands and move forward; cut the rhetoric and let's move on, together.


  1. Is that what the song says to you? Join hands and move on? Or is that your response?

    (not criticizing, but trying to understand)

  2. Sometimes I'm too cryptic... sorry... No, the song doesn't say that at all... I think the song says more like, "I'm not letting go you dirty scumbucket." While I can, perhaps, see the point, I don't agree. Time for all of us to move on. Further divisiveness is not needed. Let's find the middle ground and get to work on getting this country back on a firm footing. Perhaps right now, we don't agree on how to do that... but I'll be we all agree on some fundamental beliefs; let's work on what we can agree on...

  3. But what of the possibility that the "middle" is simply a compromise with something that ought not to be compromised with?

    It's as if, say, I beat the living hell out of a stranger, and then offer up the possibility of an occasional punch to the face as a good "middle ground", which he really ought to accept.

    One of the things that's done the most damage to our public political discourse is allowing an extreme to redefine the middle. And no, it *hasn't* been a sin of both sides. It's not even close to equivalent.