Monday, December 18, 2006

Good news from Deepwater

Well, okay, it's not necessarilly "good news," but it is better news: The Coast Guard has taken delivery of our first new fixed wing aircraft out of the Deepwater debacle, er, I mean, contract.

The new aircraft, designated the HC-144A, is build by a European company. Yes, that's right. We went to Europe to get our new fixed wing aircraft. The good news is that this is a proven design, the EADS CASA CN-235. Something tells me the aviation portion of Deepwater is going better than the surface side. I guess we should have called this Blueair, rather than Deepwater.

Nice to have such a long-term partner as the CASA folks. Said Ralph Crosby, Chairman and CEO of EADS North America,
The CN-235-300CG’s delivery is proof positive of EADS North America’s continued support for the U.S. Coast Guard in keeping America safe and secure. Our company has worked with the Department of Homeland Security for over 20 years, and we now have met our promise of providing it with another proven and capable multi-mission platform.
Wow! They've worked with the Department of Homeland Security for more than two decades. Amazing.

Anyway, the Coast Guard has now taken possession and the CG crew is bringing the 2301 home to Elizabeth City to be outfitted with the mission system pallet.

One little Deepwater success... against so much failure... Maybe we ought to look to Europe for cutters, too.

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