Friday, December 29, 2006

He who owns the aggregator...

... sets the rules...

Perhaps you've been follwing the whole Waldo's Virginia Political Blogroll incident. Frankly, I've tried, but I'm an idiot and can't keep the players straight. In short, Waldo Jaquith created an aggregator to capture feeds from political blogs in Virginia. A week or two ago, somebody posted a picture on their blog that Mr. Jaquith took offense to (it was a beheading by terrorists), so he dropped the offending blog.

There was an uproar; he was censoring; he was imposing his political views; he wasn't playing fair.


I say he owns the aggregator and can do what he wants.

So, in surfing Mr. Jaquith's site, I discovered another Virginia aggregator, Blognet News for Virginia. I thought, "hey, cool, I'll see if I can get my stream included."

I received a note back from Dave Mastio in response to my email:
Thanks for the note. I read your blog and see only a couple posts out of the last 20 or so that had much to do with Virginia. That's a little light for what I am trying to do with the BNN state and local politics aggregator. However, there are a couple other things going on. I am going to launch a hampton roads aggregator early next year that will include everybody in the area no matter what they write about. I am also going to launch a tech aggregaot which seems to be your main topic. If you see me launch either of those and you're not included, poke me again by email and I'll fix you up.
You know what? I support Mr. Mastio; these Musing don't fit what he's looking for. And that's okay. It's his aggregator. I'm not listed on Eros Blog, either, and I don't have any hard feelings. And if Mr. Mastio includes me in one or more of his aggregator's, great.

I'll still surf Mr. Mastio's aggregator daily, and I'll check out Mr. Jaquith's, too. They're both on my own aggregator over at Bloglines.

So, for those Virginia bloggers who are pissed off at Mr. Jaquith's supposed censorship: move along; quit your bitter, partisan whining; and realize the Internet is a pretty big playground. Try taking on an abundance mentality rather than a scarcity mentality.

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  1. I'm glad to hear that Dave's setting up an aggregator for the Hampton Roads area. I run one for the Charlottesville area, and I find it an absolutely joy to read; I expect you'll find the same to be true for Hampton Roads.

    Further to your comment, I should point out that I offered to create an aggregator for the offended folks and simply give it to them outright, to do what they will with it, but they were just offended.

    There's just no pleasing some people.