Saturday, December 23, 2006

Madness... Reefer Madness, that is...

Okay, I seem to be on a marijuana kick... not smoking it... blogging about it... This will be number three in the last two weeks...

I'm struck by the former drug cop who is marketing a DVD to help people not get busted. He's moving beyond just talking about it, and he's doing something about it... Although I wonder if providing a DVD to people who are trying to circumvent law enforcement is really going to change policy in America.

Here's a little something for you... And if you wonder about the George Washington quote, surf a little here and here. And there's no mention of our current George.

Of course, perhaps That 70's Show had it right:

My guess is that we'll never know in our lifetimes...

From an article titled "Cannabis, Mental Health and Context: The Case For Regulation,"
The phrase "relatively safe" is appropriate in any discussion regarding cannabis and mental health. No substance is harmless and in many cases, the relative dangers of a drug may be increased or decreased depending on set and setting. Cannabis is no different.
Okay, perhaps the folks over at NORML have a bit of a bias, but they have a point: everything has dangers. Everything. Perhaps we ought to outlaw Diet Coke, tobacco, sugar, trains, planes, automobiles, cell phones, and computers.

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