Monday, January 15, 2007

Clearly, too much rope

Hangmans Rope
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So, wondering how they messed up the hanging yesterday and turned it into a beheading?

From Stephen Farrell and the London Times:
Through his black hood, Awad al-Bandar’s lips are still moving in prayer. Barzan al-Tikriti stands beside him, immobile, in an identical orange suit. The double trapdoor swings open. Both ropes jerk to a halt, but al-Tikriti’s body keeps falling, the empty noose swinging in the air.

Even though we knew what was coming it was still a shock: a judicial decapitation live on video. Just when you thought that every ounce of drama had been wrung from this ill-starred judicial process.

The last moments of Saddam Hussein’s half-brother and the chief of his Revolutionary Court are a gruesome piece of footage, showing what appears to have been a miscalculation by the executioner, one of six men in balaclavas. The Iraqi Government seems to have screened the film — only once, and only to a small number of journalists — to avoid the outcry that built throughout the day across the Arab world about Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti’s last moments.
I think the executioner hadn't checked my blog from back in November. Turns out that if the rope is too long... well, we've now seen what can happen.

This is why when you're going to hang someone, you should always check the U.S. Army drop tables.

Perhaps next time they'll check the tables, first.

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