Monday, January 01, 2007

An elective war; a mistake?

Stumbled across the following which was posted by a young enlisted member of the U.S. Navy:
Today, I will publicly state what I have privately felt for years. Invading Iraq was a mistake, it was an elective war. Saddam Hussein was a horrible dictator, but he was contained. He had no WMD and had the UN finished its inspections before we ordered them to leave we may have found that out and never had gone to war.

Thousands of servicemembers of our military would still be here, and Iraq might be more stable that it is today.

President Bush won't admit it. Vice President Cheney won't admit it. Former Secretary Rumsfeld won't admit it. But, my new boss Secretary Gates has admitted it.
When active duty members publicly make statements like this, well, I'm reminded that members of the military are nothing more than tools to accomplish national goals by means other than political; and most of the time they could really give a damn, but when they have doubts, those doubts are more than just storm clouds hanging over the purple forces gathered to serve our elected civil leadership.

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