Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Flip-Flop on Iraq II

There's an interesting post over at Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish. It seems that Mr. Sullivan, who is now opposed to the war in Iraq, wasn't always so inclined. After a reader pointed out he'd changed his tune, Mr. Sullivan wrote,
My own doubts about force levels, expressed soon after the invasion, didn't really morph into "getting off the bus" until the end of 2003, beginning of 2004. But you can raid the archives and see the shift for yourself.
So, here's the question: Where did you stand back in 2002/2003? Where do you stand now? Why the shift, if there's been a shift?

For those of us in blogosphere: what does this flip-flopping mean? And, what does a change-of-heart mean for politicians?

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