Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Flip-Flop, Part 2

Interesting reader comment over at Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish. You may remember that yesterday I wondered about flip flopping on the war. Well, now there's more.

A reader writes about what happened when he saw the photographs from the Abu Ghraib scandal:
When I saw those photos, the moral center of the war completely collapsed for me. My support for the war was grounded in my pride as an American, in my belief that America's only source of strength was its ideals and that these ideals were available to all. Abu Ghraib and the administration's shameful response to it made clear that, whatever other justification it might have, the Iraq War was not a war for American ideals.
Wow. Mr. Sullivan then writes about what impact the photographs had for him:
I knew immediately that the deeper war - for democracy and decency - had been lost at that moment. The enemy didn't win. Through the torture policies he enacted, Bush surrendered.
Hard core from a former supporter.

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