Thursday, January 11, 2007


When I posted earlier this week about my seeming paranoia and the book The Traveler, you likely thought I was off my rocker.

Perhaps I am, although not yet to the delusional state of Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory. However, headlines today brought me back to The Traveler, where the Brethern use coin-sized devices to track people's movement.
Money talks, but can it also follow your movements?

In a U.S. government warning high on the creepiness scale, the Defense Department cautioned its American contractors over what it described as a new espionage threat: Canadian coins with tiny radio frequency transmitters hidden inside.

The government said the mysterious coins were found planted on U.S. contractors with classified security clearances on at least three separate occasions between October 2005 and January 2006 as the contractors traveled through Canada.

Intelligence and technology experts said such transmitters, if they exist, could be used to surreptitiously track the movements of people carrying the spy coins.
So, how far off my rocker am I?

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