Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Satire in the morning

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I recently added The Onion to my daily ration of RSS feeds, and let me tell you, it's worth it for the chuckle. A "man-on-the-street" comment about the recent "botched hanging of Saddam Hussein's half brother," I would strongly disagree with the term 'botched execution.' It seems to me these guys went the extra mile." Or maybe you don't want politics; perhaps you'd prefer travel and entertainment news? From northern Wisconsin: There's More To Appleton Than Our Acclaimed Escorts a little something from the "Fox Chamber of Commerce"
Have you thought about making Appleton, WI the destination for your next vacation, business meeting, or even place to live? It may not spring to mind right away, like Las Vegas or Sheboygan, but I certainly hope you'll consider us. We're not as big as Milwaukee, but we're a terrific community with a lot of heart and plenty of fun activities. Sure, you could stay just long enough to be serviced by one of our regionally renowned escorts, but we also encourage you to look around and enjoy all that our riverside city has to offer.

Did you know, for example, that the country's first ever hydroelectric facility was built right here in Appleton? That's correct, back in 1882. I bet you didn't even think that hydroelectric power was available back then, but it was, right here, and, interestingly enough, just around the corner from Appleton's very first escort service, which opened shortly after the Peshtigo Fire of 1871.
Add The Onion to your reader. ;-)

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