Monday, January 08, 2007

Somehow I missed this

I can't believe that Yale, Wesleyan, Wellesley, Columbia, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bowdoin and Amherst are so much more out-there than Trinity... How'd I miss something like this?

From Rachel Aviv and the New York Times:
In the unforgiving fluorescent light of Rosenfeld Hall, a dormitory on the periphery of Yale’s campus, students crouched in a hallway and quickly stuffed their clothes into plastic grocery bags. Shirts were left inside out, socks balled in pant legs. Giggling, they hurried into a basement storage room, where some 40 people stood around, under stone arches and gargoyles, wearing nothing but shoes.

Lighted only by tea candles, the party had the afterglow of a literary reading: Students chatted in small groups, drifting toward the darkest parts of the room. Arms held tight to the body, eyes unwavering from face level, they drank and smoked and talked about the fact that they were naked: “I’m so pale.” “You look radiant.” “The air feels weird without clothes — skin is this big sense organ.”
Yup, naked parties.

Supposedly, Barbara Bush attended a naked party at Yale in 2002. I wonder if her Secret Service detail had to strip, too.

In the mean time, looking for a theme, but naked it just too much? Here are some other ideas from academia. Me, I'm just old-fashioned; I'll stick with togas.

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