Sunday, January 28, 2007

This is just sick

Have you heard about Neil Havens Rodreick II? He's the 29 year-old who masqueraded as a 12-year old so he could sexually assault them? I wasn't going to blog about it as it just turns my stomach, and then today in Terry Greene Sterling's special to the Washington Post, there was a post that just compelled me to write.

Here's the gist: Rodreick passed himself off as a 12-year old to two guys (Robert James Snow, 44, and Brian Jay Nellis, 34); he lived with them. The newspapers have been calling the three of them "roommates." How quaint.

Anyway, Rodreick went to school with Snow and Nellis pretending to be his guardian. Rodreick, Snow, and Nellis are all convicted sex offenders.

It turns out Snow and Nellis didn't actually know that Rodreick was twelve.
Snow and Stiffler were angry that they had been having sex with a man when they thought they were having sex with a 12-year-old, authorities said.
Shock on my part. I'm not even sure what route to go down, but the irony doesn't escape me. I guess it does escape them.

Anyway, may they all rot in some Arizona prison until they die. And perhaps the prison's general population will sharpen their shivs before the three musketeers show up. Not that I'm suggesting it or hoping it, but rather that I'm making an observation. Right.

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