Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Why the impact on one horse's death?

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Frankly, I haven't understood all the attention paid to the death, as sad as it was, of Barbaro, the winner of last year's Kentucky Derby. Sally Jenkins at the Washington Post has a suspicion about the reactions:
In diagnosing the public's unreasoning love for Barbaro, maybe it comes down to the fact that he never lied to us.
Evidently, this is more than can be said about our presidents. Carl M. Cannon notes, in the current issue of The Atlantic Monthly that "presidents have always lied."
In 1944, Harry Truman was asked by his friend and Senate colleague Owen Brewster what Franklin Roosevelt was really like. Truman hadn’t gotten to know his running mate very well, but the Democratic vice-presidential nominee had spent enough time around FDR to provide a succinct answer.

“He lies,” Truman replied.
You can hear six lies here.

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