Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Am I a "foul mouthed childish liberal nut"?

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Over at the Strata-Sphere, AJStrata made an update to his posting about Lincoln. He wrote this morning,
I was linked by some foul mouthed childish liberal nut, who had a good point - this Lincoln quote I saw in a Washington Times article is an internet fake. Of course I cannot fact check the news media, and if the emotionally stunted blogger would have simply emailed me with the fact this was one of those urban legends I would do what I am doing now, alertiing folks that the quote is a fraud. Of course it would have come with a sincere thanks if the poor sap had shown some maturity. But his faults don’t change the fact this is not a Lincoln quote. My apologies to Lincoln (not those who give aid to our enemies).
Hmm... I linked... I would have emailed, but I couldn't find his contact information on his site. I would have commented, but I couldn't comment without registering, and be damned if I can figure out how to register for the bloody WordPress site (I have a user ID, but it wouldn't let me comment; is there some difference between the dot org and the dot com at WordPress?).

Anyway, I'm wondering if it was me, 'cause if so, I'm not foul mouthed, nor childish, nor truly liberal, nor a nut. I'd know if it was me, if Mr. Strata had linked back to the person to whom he is referring, but, alas, he did not.

On further analysis, I don't think it's me. How do I know this? Well, Mr. Strata made a comment on his blog which read, in part,
I actually noticed the problem when someone linked to it and sent a lot of traffic my way. He of course, was as immature as all liberals.
Couldn't be me, not that I'm not immature, etc, but that there's no way I could sent a lot of traffic his way. Afterall, nobody actually reads my musings; how could I have sent him lots of traffic?

Now, what about Mr. Gaffney?

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