Friday, February 16, 2007

Commandant of the Coast Guard on C-Span

Received in my mailbox:
In the past two weeks, the Commandant has testified at four Congressional hearings and provided his first State of the Coast Guard address. The Commandant used these opportunities to address a number of topics and issues important to all members of the Coast Guard, including Deepwater, relationships with our Navy and DOD counterparts, and plans for reorganizing the Coast Guard's command and control structure and realigning our mission support organization.

The Commandant taped a 30-minute interview today for C-SPAN's Newsmakers program with Patricia Kime from the Navy Times and John Robinson from Defense Daily. This interview provides a rare opportunity for all Coast Guard members to hear directly from the Commandant on these important topics.

The program is schedule to air this Sunday, Feb. 18, at 1000 and 1800 Eastern Time. Check your local listings for program air times.

Web Link:

For more information on the Commandant's State of the Coast Guard address, go to the Commandant's Corner (
Oooo; C-Span. That'll have lots of people watching...

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