Wednesday, February 28, 2007

DHS puts the brakes on MaxHR

Looks like the new personnel system for the Department of Homeland Security isn't going to be implemented with the speed first announced.

From Brittany R. Ballenstedt at GovExec:
The Homeland Security Department is putting a fresh face on its controversial personnel overhaul, expanding the focus of the reforms but also moving more cautiously than originally planned before transferring employees to a system that links pay to job performance.
Changing the name to Human Capital Operational Plan from MaxHR is certainly going to make it all so much better. Right. Like calling a snake a dog makes the snake more attractive.
Changing the pay system would likely prove a difficult task. The program has been strongly contested by labor unions that claim it will encourage cronyism and result in salary cuts in the long term. National Treasury Employees Union President Colleen Kelley has called the system "fundamentally flawed," saying it threatens national security and causes dangerously low morale among front-line employees.

Kelley said on Monday that the agency's decision to scrap the name of the proposed system and replace it is "recognition that everyone associates MaxHR with failure."
The one thing I liked about MaxHr is that it was going to pit employee against employee in order to get pay bonuses. Supervisors would have been required to rank order their employees, even if all of them were super-wonderful. No matter what, somebody was going to end up on the bottom of the pile. That certainly would have encouraged teamwork and information sharing.

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