Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm a fan of sarcasm

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And that's not sarcasm.

Anonymous left a comment on my post, I can prognosticate with the best of them...": ; the comment reads: You truly are amazing. Can you shed some light on how Deepwater is going to turn out?

Yes, I am just like Mr. Kreskin... amazing...

And, now, as requested, I will prognosticate on the future of Deepwater...
  • The Deepwater contractors will continue to roll in the dough, milking the Coast Guard and the American taxpayer for every cent they can find.
  • The contractors will provide some stuff that works well, particularly on the aviation side. On the naval side, we'll be sucking wind for two or three decades.
  • Audits will find that the fox has been guarding the hen house in terms of contractual obligations.
  • It will be through the perserverence of the deckplate level that Deepwater assets actually work, the contractors forsaking their responsibilities as soon as they get their money.
  • The Coast Guard will burn through all the political capital it has earned during the last 5-10 years, and we'll be back to being bastard step-children who are under micro-oversight by both Congress and political appointees in the Executive Branch. This is process is starting now; we'll have spent all our chits within 4 to 5 years.
Oh, that was easy. Toss me another question...


  1. Pete. That is an horrid vision of things to come. I was hoping for something a bit more positive where the big money-hungry defense contractors catch on to ADM Allen's vision of transparency, see the error of their ways, make neccessary restitution, altruisitcally change their methods, and Deepwater the best fleet the world has ever seen.

    Are you sure your crystal ball is not cracked? Maybe you should run it by the shop for a look see...

    Aw...who am I kidding? We (the taxpayers) just purchased the F-22 Raptor. The F-22 is a billion dollar aircraft designed to drop a million dollar missile on a 10 thousand dollar shack somewhere in the Third World. Which, of course, will require us to send more billion dollar Raptors to drop million dollar missiles....

    Just pass the Scotch.