Wednesday, February 28, 2007

No physical abuse of Jose Padilla

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Testimony yesterday, as reported today by Peter Whoriskey in the Washington Post, by Sanford E. Seymour, the technical director of the Navy's brig in Charleston, SC, indicates Jose Padilla, held for more than three years by federal authorities, was not physically abused. Mr. Seymour evidently did acknowledge that was at various times Mr. Padilla was deprived of a clock, windows and a Koran, and forced to sleep on a metal bed frame without a mattress, and that he had to endure noxious odors from a nearby paper mill. In addition, Mr. Padilla was kept in isolation, unable to see outside his cell and receiving human contact only through a hole in the cell door.

Here's my question: what of mental or psychological abuse? And what would create a situation whereby Mr. Padilla would be unable to assist in his own defense?

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