Monday, March 26, 2007

CG FORCECOM to {{snip}} ...

CG OPCOM to {{snip}}.

Done deal.

As to looking into my crystal ball:

The {{ **snip** **snip** **snip**}} (which will be a {{ **snip** **snip** **snip**}} unit) will locate to {{snip}}, {{snip}}, or maybe Ft. {{snip}} or Ft. {{snip}}... and the {{ **snip** **snip** **snip**}}, currently out of {{ **snip** **snip** **snip**}}) will {{snip}} within {{snip}}.
Update 04/05/2007: This morning I received an email from {{**snip**}}. The email said

"The below website has a short snippet on the {{ **snip** **snip** **snip**}}, specifically regarding {{ **snip** **snip** **snip**}}, which I know for a fact is close held info at present. I'm wondering what type of clearance review this type of thing must undergo? The author works at LANTAREA, Peter Stinson."
Why whomever it is didn't call me direct or, since they know where I work, call my boss, I don't know.

And, I find it interesting what the writer took issue with. The {{ **snip** **snip** **snip**}} issue as posted is mostly prognosticating on my part. Perhaps I came close to the truth. The FORCECOM/OPCOM issue actually was close hold and not prognosticating on my part and, was, at the time, likely over the line.

Just goes to show something about rice bowls, I guess. And something about the level of transparency within the Coast Guard. We are truly not an organization that promotes or encourages transparency. As I noted in an email to {{**snip**}}, Admiral Allen is losing that battle.

Nonetheless, I have censored -- see {{snip}}s above -- the original post. For those who are truly interested, I'm sure there's a version of the original out there in cyberspace.

And, in the mean time, I have decided to not post anything here related at all to the Coast Guard. Maybe I'll just have to start another blog and post subversively and anonymously... ;-)
Update 04/06/2007: Portions of the above redacted with {{**snip**}}. Not much more to be said.
Update #2 04/06/2007: The first redaction today was a result of an email received. Following receipt of even another email, more portions of the above redacted with {{ **snip** **snip** **snip**}}. Fairly soon, this post is going to look like a document provided by the federal government under a FOIA request.

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