Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fired for blogging!

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No, not me.


From Joho the Blog, I learned of a blogger who was allegedly fired from his job at Mercenary Audio in Foxboro, MA, for blogging. That's what D. Weinberger is alleging, anyway:
Drew Townson started a blog. Two weeks in, his fifth post was an announcement of the birth of his baby son, along with an adorable photo. (Mazel Tov, Drew!)

Then he was fired. For blogging.

He had asked his employer, Mercenary Audio, if he could blog on the store's web site. Nope, said Mercenary, even though Drew has over the course of 25 years created a name for himself as an audio engineer and producer. (Check Google and the AMG All Music Guide.)

So, Drew started his own personal blog. On it he did not mention Mercenary, did not link to Mercenary, did not sell or offer any products or services that might be construed as competing with Mercenary. It just wasn't about Mercenary. He didn't even use his own name.

His boss learned about the blog when coworkers passed around the posting with the adorable photo of his newborn son. His boss then fired Drew by leaving him a voicemail that Drew picked up when he got home from the hospital.
Tell me, please, that this is a cock and bull story. Tell me that this isn't the case... but then there is a reference to getting canned in the comments section of Mr. Townson's blog.

Why would Mercenary Audio, of Foxboro, MA, do this? Is it because they don't want their employees having children (see my youngest pictured here with this post; so far, all my employer has done about Jack is kid me about it. The standard, you know, "At 45 you ought to know how to prevent that" and that sort of, er, stuff) or having opinions.

My word, I have opinions -- even about my employer -- which I post here. I know that sometimes they'll be seen. Mr. Townson was actually being nice... and still is, as he hasn't commented on his firing. Me... well, we all know what I would have done by now... and what I have done... and what I have said... and Mercenary Audio should be glad I'm not one of their employees.

Oh, sorry, this isn't about me, now, is it? This is about Mr. Drew Townson...

It turns out he has commented on his firing... at the Joho blog site. He commented,
Hey gang, it's me, Drewcifer, the fire-ee. I have received legal advice directing me not to blog about this (yet) or talk about it in detail. Suffice it to say that the reason given to me for my dismissal WAS the existence of my blog. That's all I can really say at this point. Mercenary DOES have a good reputation for treating it's customers well, which was the main reason I chose to work there. Unfortunately for me, I was an employee, not a customer.
Maybe his boss has a satire-streak and wanted to compete with the Attorney General and the women of Delta Zeta?

Ah, he doesn't strike me as the humorous type.

So, for all of us in the blogosphere, the gloves are off. It's time to stand for our neighbors, our fellow bloggers.

I've posted a comment to Mercenary Audio's feedback page. If they reply back, I'll post the info here.

I encourage you all to spread the news, far and wide, and to comment on Mercenary Audio's website.


  1. I sent Mercenary Audio an email:

    ----- Forwarded message ----
    From: Peter Stinson
    Date: Mar 15, 2007 9:19 PM

    You've got to be kidding...

    I've blogged about this; I'm encouraging others to blog about this...
    I'm hoping to hear that this is mistake.

  2. And I'm so flustered I left out an article.