Sunday, March 04, 2007

How in 50 years have we sunk so low?

John and Robert
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Sam Smith of Progressive Review and Undernews has an insightful analysis on the quality of presidential candidates today as compared to some 50 years ago.
In fact, not only is Obama quite unlike Kennedy, all of today's presidential candidates would have a hard time against either Kennedy or Nixon in an argument, of which we were reminded while listening on the radio by chance to the third of the 1960 presidential debates. What was particularly striking was the relative lack of canned phrases used with such deadening repetition by today's politicians and the sharpness of both men's debating skills. We have, without knowing it, sunk into an era in which we choose our presidents by which candidate has the best adjectives, allusions and allegories. It's not a good way to run a country.
Do read the whole thing. Great food for thought... and, perhaps, commentary on the dumbing down of America and American leaders.... perhaps...

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