Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I killed the Harbor Club

After nearly 40 years, the Harbor Club, a "members only" club/restaurant/meeting place located at the top of Norfolk's Bank of America Building (sometimes known as 1 Commercial Place), closed.

And I did it.

Well, me and 600 other people.

According to Carolyn Shapiro in an article in the The Virginian Pilot I seemed to have missed when it was published more than 2 weeks ago:
The club has lost more than 600 members in the past five to six years and ultimately lacked the support to continue operating, the managers told their guests.
I'd been a member, but let my membership lapse. I figured I could fritter the money away in better ways... that and with a new wife and new sons, well, it didn't seem a good way to let cash flow through my hands. When I was single and dating, well... we shall not go there, shall we?

Anyway, I ate there several weeks ago with my boss who is (er, I guess was, now) a member. I have to say the food was some of the finest I've ever had. Their lunch buffet was always superb, melt-in-your-mouth food.

Gone now. Guess Norfolk's not large enough to support two downtown clubs... And we thought we could support a professional sports team?

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  1. And we thought we could support a professional sports team?

    Exactly :)