Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Just my luck

new dollar coins
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This is my luck... I haven't even seen the new dollar coin (aside from pictures on the web) and yet, people are finding godless coins and faceless coins.

You perhaps heard about the coins that didn't have "In God We Trust" struck along the edge. Well, now it seems the mint produced coins without President Washington struck on the face or Lady Liberty on the reverse. From Chase Squires and the Associated Press:
Mary and Ray Smith can't make heads or tails of a new presidential dollar coin they found last week. It doesn't have either. A week after the revelation that some of the coins slipped out of the U.S. Mint without "In God We Trust" stamped on the edge, the Smiths said Tuesday they found one with nothing stamped on either flat side.
For those of you who are worried about God on coins, fear not.
It does have "In God We Trust" on the edge. What's missing is the image of George Washington on the front and the Statue of Liberty on the back. Instead, the Smiths' coin is just smooth, shiny metal.
I wonder if these mistakes were mistakes... or is this some ploy on the part of the Mint to drive up circulation. We all hear about the chance for easy money, go to the bank and get our rolls of coins, sort through and find no mistakes, and then spend them.

And people were worried about the coins getting circulated.

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