Saturday, March 24, 2007

Karl Rove Thumbs His Nose

Karl Rove Thumbs His Nose
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And now it appears he & the rest of the White House staff have thumbed their collective noses at the requirement for the Executive to maintain records of all correspondence by using non-governmental email servers.

It appears that being accountable, following the law, and being transparent are not things the current administration sees as important.

Start with this MSM article and then slide over here to this blog, The Richmond Democrat, for a quick overview and more links.

The story of Attorneygate is going to merge with Plamegate and be a huge flaming mess; perhaps it will be Rovegate or the End-of-43-gate. We are going to see that both the "gates" are linked and the picture is not pretty. The White House staff has forgotten they serve the country and the Constitution; the realm of political operative belongs elsewhere.

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