Sunday, March 25, 2007

More on the Coast Guard line of duty death

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A bit more from the MSM; this time
An investigation is underway after a U.S. Coast Guardsman died in a fall at the Fauntleroy Ferry terminal in West Seattle.

The accident occurred while the 25-year-old petty officer was performing homeland security operations on board a rapid response boat, which routinely accompany ferries on sailings across Puget Sound.

Somehow the officer fell overboard.

"They said that they did a turn and somehow he fell off," said witness Nathan Thomas. "They didn't know how he hit his head. Somehow he hit his head so they pulled him out of the water."

Passengers waiting for the next ferry watched as an urgent rescue unfolded.

"When they finally got him onto the gurney and the paramedics took over, all the Coast Guard guys kind of got away from the scene and were hugging each other and one was crying," said Thomas.

The officer was rushed to Harborview Medical Center, where he died.

"Whether it's helicopter patrols, boat patrols, offshore, we're out here day and night and it's a very dangerous mission, and unfortunately today we lost one of our own," said a Coast Guard Spokesman.
I've only been underway once in the RBS; from my one afternoon underway, I'd say it packs a pretty punch and, if you're not hanging on for dear life, going overboard while outside the cabin would be fairly easy.

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