Saturday, March 31, 2007

My crystal ball is off

I'm not sure I predicted accurately the release of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy Organizational and Climate Assessment Task Force Report. I've been out-of-pocket, and it seems the report may have been issued this past Thursday... I had thought it would be yesterday...

Okay, moving on to details... the report is posted here.

According to the Chief of Staff's report, the task force identified a number of opportunities for improvement, related to this principal themes:
  • Emphasize the concept of officership
  • Assess and improve cadet leadership and character development programs
  • Elevate respect in the cadet experience
  • Create a more diverse faculty, staff, and Corps of Cadets
  • Improve governance through external oversight
  • Plan and deploy long term programmatic requirements
More on this to follow, I'm sure.

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