Saturday, March 31, 2007

Next stop Iran? A downward spiral is at hand

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There is talk in the blogosphere that the U.S. has a military operation in place to take on Iran and Iran’s nuclear endeavors. Called Operation Bite, the Russian media reports that the US has plans, along with an implementation dated, to bomb twenty targets in Iran. The talk is that this will be an air war only, striking at Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

Now, I’m not sure that the Russian media and the blogosphere are on-the-mark with this. I have severe doubts that an operation such of this would be leaked through the Russian media. I place nearly no credence in the reports.

But it has gotten me thinking. Sure, I’m certain we have war plans and contingency plans and crisis plans in place for a move on Iraq. Had we not, I’d say the military isn’t doing their job. It is the job of planners to have, on-the-shelf, all sorts of plans. And, frankly, I’m more than okay with that.

Deploying that sort of plan now… well, I do have an issue with that.

Some readers will likely assert that there is a similarity between Iran now and Germany of the 1930’s. Some people would suggest that if we had moved against Hitler and Germany before 1940, millions of lives would have been saved.

Well, hindsight is an amazing thing, isn’t it.

What if we had gone nuclear against Russia and Cuba during the crisis of 1962. Hindsight says that would have been the wrong move. Again, hindsight is an amazing thing.

With the Cuban Missile Crisis, President Kennedy made the right move, and a move that was not necessarily the move recommended by his advisors, many of whom were avid hawks. Thankfully, Kennedy’s cooler head prevailed.

History is littered with such incidents.

We are now at a place in history, however, where cool heads, I suggest, are not prevailing. Was it necessary, truly necessary, to invade Iraq and depose Saddam Hussein? From my vantage point, I’d have to suggest no. We achieved our outright military goal, but the accompanying political goal was not, and likely will never, be accomplished.

I’m not found of unfounded overseas adventures. When things are black and white, such as in Iraq I, sure, move forward. But, when things are gray, time, take time. Allow the other elements of DIME to achieve the political purpose.

What of Iran?

Well, if this coming Saturday proves the Russian media and the blogosphere to be correct, I predict we are more than a little ways in on a long, downward spiral.

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