Sunday, March 04, 2007

Person of Interest?

Or "husband accused of dismemberment"?

David Eggert of the Associated Press called Stephen Grant a "husband accused of disemberment." His wife, Tara Grant, has been missing since early in February. The police found body parts, including a torso, which they believed were the remains of Ms. Grant. Mr. Grant hit the road, making his way to the northern reaches of Michigan's lower peninsula, some 200-plus miles from his home near Detroit.

Using cell phone records, police tracked Mr. Grant, who fled when police executed a search warrant at his home, to Wilderness State Park, where he abandoned the truck he'd been driving. He then attempted to hide in the park; he was not wearing shoes or a jacket when the Coast Guard helicopter dispatched from nearby Traverse City located him.

The Coast Guard's press release called Mr. Grant "a person of interest."

I'll say. Reports are that his wife, Tara Grant, was last seen Feb. 9th; police said the couple had argued that day over her business travels abroad. Mr. Eggert notes, "Her husband reported her missing five days later; he has steadfastly maintained his innocence." I'm thinking the body parts found in the house will likely prove to be insurmountable in his defense. And, speaking of his defense,
David Griem, a lawyer who has acted as Grant's spokesman, said Sunday he would no longer represent Grant because of irreconcilable differences. He said Grant didn't yet have another attorney.

"If I can't give a client all of my blood, sweat and tears, it's time for that client to find a new attorney and time for me to move on down the road," Griem said.

Well, anyway, Mr. Grant can thank the Coast Guard for saving his life, even if he was a "person of interest." And now the state can either lock him up forever or send him to death row.

At least he'll be dressed for it this time.

Photo of Ms. Tara Grant released by the Macomb County, Mich. Sheriffs Department. Photo of H-65 Dolphin helicopter is an Official U.S. Coast Guard Photograph from here (use USCG as logon and password).

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