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Prince Harry: The latest target for Iraqi insurgents

Prince Harry-a Class Act
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Guess the insurgents of Iraq are taking the upcoming arrival of Cornet Wales, usually known by his royal name, Prince Harry. As I noted earlier, Prince Harry is headed to Iraq. I wasn't the only one who read the news. Britain's Sun, in reporting by Duncan Larcombe, Simon Hughes, and Jamie Pyatt, notes that the Blues and Royals regiment of the Household Cavalry is receiving special training:
PRINCE Harry and his men will pose as hooded hostages in a training exercise — after hate-filled threats to kidnap or kill him in Iraq.

The Royal soldier, 22, will take part in role-play exercises where “armed enemy kidnappers” take hostages. Then troops storm a building in a rescue mission.

Other drills will involve crack troops using tear gas and stun grenades.

The threats to Harry were exposed by a Sun investigation into extremists’ websites. Last night internet terror expert Neil Doyle said the website messages “represent clear incitement”.

The training will take place this week to prepare Harry and fellow soldiers from the Blues and Royals regiment to combat al-Qaeda hostage-takers in Iraq.

Army chiefs fear that if Harry is kidnapped after he arrives to fight in the war-torn country he could be paraded on TV by insurgents.

Harry — third in line to the throne — and his troop of 12 men will receive the training after the websites supporting exiled hate cleric Omar Bakri posted threats against him. One message crowed: “Prince Harry will be sent to Iraq to be killed by Muslims.”

Another said: “May Allah give him what he deserves — like his fellow crusaders.” And a fanatic calling himself “Resistance4Islam” added: “He must be wishing for his death.”
Doubtful; I think he's just wishing to serve.

I imagine he will take care of his men... and they will take care of him.

More to follow, I'm sure.

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