Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tell me this is a fake

Not guilty!
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Please. Please. I saw this earlier tonight on Democratic Central compliments of Waldo's Virginia Political Blogroll. Please tell me this is someone's Photoshop prank and not what Fox News actually put up as their headline.


  1. The tagline is true. The one charge that he was aquitted of was lying to the FBI.

  2. Yes, John, I realize that... perhaps I need to spell out my question...

    Did they ignore what he was found guilty of?

    Were they expressing surprise that he was found not guilty?

    Were they trying to get us to think that he was innocent all the way around?

    In short, why lead with what they led with, if not to make a point?

    And what was the point?

    Or is the text taken out of context?