Thursday, March 01, 2007

This mess isn't over yet

Earlier this week, it came to light that Rear Admiral Van Sice, the former superintendent of the Coast Guard Academy was reprimanded for "inappropriate comments" and acting "intemperately." I first caught this over at CG Info where Ryan Erickson tactfully noted,
Though the investigation’s conclusions - released Monday afternoon by the Coast Guard - say Van Sice didn’t violate military law, his behavior was enough to warrant unspecified “corrective measures.” Van Sice has requested retirement, and his request has been granted.

View the rest of the article via the link below. It outlines many of the resent faults of the Coast Guard, all of which are news worthy, but not here...

Mr. Erickson shows great tact and restraint... I don't... and he's staying true to the CG Info's purpose...

Over on his blog, London Steverson is being true to his blog's purpose... and he's not holding back, as we would expect. He reports the following:
On or about January 26th, Captain Douglas Wisniewski, as the direct representative of ADM James Van Sice, stood before the Corps of Cadets in the Cadet Wardroom and addressed them concerning the status of Cadet Webster Smith. Eye witnesses have come forward to confirm his choice of words. There are cadet witnesses and commissioned officers. They spoke on guarantee of anonymity.

CAPT Wisniewski went further to even order cadets to avoid Cadet Webster Smith at all costs. They were ordered to give him the “silent treatment” just like the cadets at West Point did to General Benjamin O. Davis when he was at West Point. "Webster Smith is a criminal and you are to avoid will see him at the mall or the movies but you are reminded to avoid him."
Wow. Smith was "a criminal," before any charges were even filed? He was to be given the silent treatment?

I think this mess isn't over yet.


  1. webster smith got a raw deal, what happen to the drunkin female cadets who were drunk and parting with him

  2. capt. douglas wisniewski should be released from the academy

  3. hmm sounds like a reasonable objective decision from an anonymous person with second hand information.