Sunday, March 25, 2007

Voices from the fallen

Arlington Cemetary
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Newsweek magazine has a thoughtful series about the human cost of our ongoing war in Iraq.

As Jon Meacham notes,
No matter where one stands on the decision to invade or on the conduct of the conflict over the last four years, the Iraq War is indisputably a curious thing. For the first time in the experience of any living American, we have sent an all-volunteer force overseas to advance our interests for a prolonged period, and virtually nothing has been asked of the vast majority of those who do not have loved ones in the line of fire. The bargain is hardly fair. If we take the president at his word, the men and women of the armed forces are fighting and dying over there so that you and I will not have to face mortal danger over here.
Do read the entire series of articles, and be prepared, no matter your own beliefs about the war, to be impacted by the men and women who have chosen to serve, by the men and women who are instruments of national power, by the men and women who willing to act no matter their own political beliefs and biases.

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