Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What is most distressing about this whole mess...

the wartime president
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...is the total lack of transparency.

The blogosphere is swirling with commentary and innuendo and partisan attacks, bolstered by the President's comments in support of the Attorney General today.

I'm going yo go out on a limb here. All this posturing on the part of members of both the Executive and Legislative Branches is BS. Let's just get it all out in the open, unadorned and in plain view. Government works best with transparency... Okay, perhaps when something is pre-decisional, it's okay to keep it under wraps, but after the decision is made, everything -- and I mean everything -- is fair game to be seen. We're not talking national security here; we're talking leadership & management.

Mr. Rove ought to testify, under oath. All the emails and notes ought to be released. This isn't the Soviet Union; no secrets.

Transparency, plain & simple.

And let the chips fall where they may.

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