Monday, March 12, 2007

Whatever happened to pancakes and scrapple?

My alma mater is in the news... okay, not here in Hampton Roads, or even in the Commonwealth. The Baltimore Sun. Well, that makes sense since I went to high school in western Maryland...

Anyway, this Iron Chef thing is getting out of hand. First it was the Iron Chef in Japan. Then it was an American Iron Chef. Now it's Iron Chef for Colleges & Schools.

From Cassandra A. Fortin at the Baltimore Sun:
Emica Boutilier held her plate out for a serving of arugula salad topped with orange fennel vinaigrette.

"The salad is wonderful," said Boutilier, as she rustled through the arugula leaves with a fork. "I'm so excited. It wasn't made with iceberg lettuce."

The salad wasn't the only dish that diners were gushing over in the McDaniel College cafeteria last week.

Richards and Boutilier joined hundreds of other people who flooded the Englar Dining Hall during an Iron Chef Competition. The competition is designed to allow chefs to showcase their cooking skills. Some chefs will go on to compete in regional and statewide competitions.

During the competition, which lasted about three hours, diners sampled food from each menu served by the chefs who donned their best cooking attire for the event.
I happen to like iceberg lettuce, but then I like a good chili dog, too. And I'll bet no chef served up scrapple covered with maple syrup.

Photo Credit: Chef Amy Stouffer of St. James College, serves arugula salad with orange fennel vinaigrette, grilled flank steak with a chimichurri sauce, grit cake with bacon and artichokes, and a chocolate bread pudding. She won second. (Sun photo by Elizabeth Malby) Mar 6, 2007

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