Sunday, April 01, 2007

And Google has even topped itself

Google-izing oneself
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I'm amazed at what Google continues to come up with. Their announcements have floored me today... (Note, this said with a straight face, on this the first day of April). Now, Google is going to automate the writing process!
Google Writer is a new application planned to be launched soon at Google Labs. It will integrate with many other Google services and guide you while writing a blog post, an essay or a news article.

Let's say you have a blog about Google, you wake up in the morning and wonder what to write. Now you can go to Google Writer, create a new project, enter some keywords and a small description and choose the default output (Blogger). Now when you create a new article inside this project, Google Writer gives you suggestions about the hot topics of the day, insightful articles about Google, news and popular queries that include "Google".

After choosing the topic, Google Writer suggests a title, some key quotes from other blogs and some interesting sites, images, and videos about the topic to facilitate your research. You can choose those that interests you and let Google Writer to create some context around the quotes. Google Writer has a big database of n-grams from web pages and it's able to create grammatically-correct sentences. It also learns your writing style from the previous articles, it knows your favorite authors, sites and your interests.
The English teacher in my cringes, but the worker in me thinks perhaps I've been freed from actually writing reports in the future. No more time spent working on white papers. Now Google Writer will write them for me.

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