Sunday, April 29, 2007

Another post about Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

I'm not over this yet. I think part of my obsession, and, yes, it could be considered an obsession, is that when we stop remembering, they stop living.

I know. Both Channon and Christopher are already dead, and no amount of posting in the blogosphere or words dribbled in the mainstream media is going to bring them back. And, no matter what happens to their killers, justice may reign, but it will not make things better. And, no matter what, the genie is out of the bottle and things that I thought could only be imagined by Hollywood script writers has turned out to be true.

And I'm not sure I like what all this says about America. And our taste for over-compensating.

Here's a MySpace profile dedicated to Ms. Christain.

Question: As this case goes forward, will the mainstream media pick up and follow the action in the judicial system?

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  1. We CAN change things.
    We CAN stop this from happening.
    We deserve the BEST,
    Our children deserve the BEST,
    Because we ARE the BEST!!!

    "Anti-Racist" = anti-White...Period!