Monday, April 02, 2007

April is Workplace Conflict Awareness Month

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Who'd have thunk it? Workplace Conflict Awareness Month:
This April plan something to help the people you work with come to peace with conflict. You'll do more in April to reduce destructive conflict and raise productivity than all the downsizing, reorgs, acquisitions, spinoffs and what-not have done in the past decade.

Almost everyone is aware of workplace conflict — some painfully so. We usually think of Conflict as a negative, something to be avoided or even suppressed. The problem is that our usual tactics for dealing with Conflict only make it worse.
They post ten insights into conflict; here's the first one:
Conflict comes in two flavors: Destructive and Creative
Destructive conflict is toxic to relationships and hurts people and organizations. Creative conflict helps us come to better solutions and create innovations. Creative conflict is the basis of healthy competitions.
See the remaining nine here.

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