Thursday, April 05, 2007

Coast Guard Bust

Coast Guard Bust
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Received the following via email earlier today:

"The below website has a short snippet {snip}, which I know for a fact is close held info at present. I'm wondering what type of clearance review this type of thing must undergo?"
As such, for the foreseeable future I will no longer post anything about the Coast Guard on this blog. This might impact a few of my other Web 2.0 endeavors, too; not sure yet.

Also in the cease mode is Ryan Erickson from who posted the following note yesterday:
I can no longer do this site by myself. Family, work, school, and this wonderful blog have come to full head with each other, and I am no longer in a position to continue the battle of what/who gets my time. Once I get a grasp on the full situation, or I finish school in 5+weeks, I’ll be back. ~Ryan
No more prognosticating for the time being. Y'all will have to find another scuttle to stand around.

I recommend starting at Coast Guard News; albeit straight and sanitized, good stuff nonetheless.
Update 6 April 2007: Portions of the above redacted as indicated by the {{**snip**snip}}.


  1. You can find the offending post here:

  2. Peter,
    A blow to transparency indeed. With the academy and deepwater issues I think we are seeing an institutional response to control all channels of communication. This certainly does not match the example set by the Commandant. I can see the need for an occasional request, and even a directive, to remove SBU info/speculations, but it should be a direct request with accountability rather than the process that has been used in this case. This has been a real issue for DOD and I'd hate to see the USCG get a black eye over suppression of member blogs. - Daren