Sunday, April 01, 2007

From a historian's point of view: Ask & tell

There's an interesting essay by Steve Estes over at History News Network about the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy in the American military forces.

For those who don't know, History News Network is related to George Mason University. Among many, they see these as some of their primary duties:
To expose politicians who misrepresent history. To point out bogus analogies. To deflate beguiling myths. To remind Americans of the irony of history. To put events in context. To remind us all of the complexity of history.
Try and pin them as left, right, or center. You'd be hardpressed.


  1. Thanks for the great tip on the essay! We had just discussed this at Vivian's a couple weeks ago. I also posted another article about it on my blog.

    Just curious... what is your position on this?

  2. Personally, I work with anyone... so long as they're not hitting on me... or talking about your exploits (and I'm referring to AC and DC here)...

    I say if you keep your pants on or your skirt on and can turn a wrench...

  3. Our problem is that in American pop culture, no one wants to keep their pants on (or their skirt), and everyone wants to talk about their exploits, and everyone thinks everyone else wants to go to bed with them.

    Okay, I over generalize...

    But not by much... ;-)