Wednesday, April 04, 2007

How did the Coast Guard come to mess up Deepwater so thoroughly?

Stormy Day
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Because according to Shane Harris at Government Executive, "Failure is one of the most successful things going."

While the article doesn't actually mention the Coast Guard, the focus is on the National Security Agency and a project called Trailblazer, the story is similar.

Let us hope that Deepwater has a more successful outcome.

But, then, that's what federal agencies do; agencies for years have
watched massive system modernizations crash and burn. The reasons for these disasters are well-documented and maddeningly similar: insufficient agency management, contractors that overpromised and anemic-to-nonexistent congressional oversight.

So why do people keep making the same mistakes? Because it pays.
Egads, that's not happy news.

Storm clouds are a brewing.

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