Friday, April 13, 2007

More development headed to Portsmouth's Mid-City

Good news, at least for residents of Portsmouth. It looks like the old Norcom High School site in Mid-City is finally going to be developed.

This afternoon, Meghan Hoyer from the Virginian-Pilot writes that this coming Tuesday we'll have announcement about the future development of the site. She states that Sembler Company will be making an announcement about building a shopping center on the site. Ms. Hoyer notes, "The shopping center will be the cornerstone of the ongoing retail revitalization in Midtown."

I guess Wal-Mart is just an adjunct for what is to come.

Ms. Hoyer writes,
City officials have been in negotiations for months with Sembler representatives for the land just down the street from the Wal-Mart store. The city's Economic Development Authority, which owns the Norcom land, is expected to sign off on a development agreement Tuesday morning.
The agreement will provide Sembler with the 21-acre site, which has sat vacant for years.

At 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, the city's Economic Development Department will host a press conference with Sembler representatives in City Council chambers at City Hall. The public is invited to attend.
Sembler seems to have their act together, at least if their past projects -- as shown on the web -- are any indication. If I were a betting man, I'd say that Sembler's Mid-City project will be remininsent of their Edgewood Retail District project in Atlanta.

The photographs with this post are from Sembler's website and are all of the Edgewood project.

I'm impressed
. And I'd be doubly impressed if they can pull something like this off in Mid-City... and keep it alive...

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