Monday, April 02, 2007

More on the climate report for the CG Academy

Two interesting articles in yesterday's New London Daily about the Coast Guard Academy, sometimes called Canoe U. The first, Ex-cadets Recall Alcohol Problems, interviews several former cadets; the second, Cadets Back Up Task Force Findings, talks about "officership" at the Academy.

In the first article, Mike Zielinski of Elmira, N.Y., a former cadet, is quoted as saying,
People who never drank before start drinking there because every day is crappier than the next. We don't get to go out that much, and when we do we drink too much because it's the only way to relieve the tension.

Poor leadership from fellow cadets and officers at the academy makes for a depressing atmosphere at the academy. Too often those given leadership positions insist on enforcing petty rules and regulations and don't set a positive tone.
Oh, that speaks well for both the Academy and young Mr. Zielinski.

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