Wednesday, April 25, 2007

No one suffering more: I'm going out on a limb for this one

President & First Lady
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I read on another Virginia blog (thanks to Waldo's aggregator), the following:
Laura Bush told Anne Curry on the Today Show that the American people need to know that "no one is suffers more than their President and I do."
Tell me, please, the First Lady didn't say this. I don't doubt that the President suffers; I don't doubt that the Mrs. Bush doesn't suffer... but more than anyone else?

Tell that to the men and women who have died in service to their country over the last six years. Tell that to the families of the 3,333 (plus) who have died in Iraq. Tell that to the men and women who have lost legs and arms and otherwise been maimed while serving in uniform. Tell that to the husbands and wifes and fathers and mothers who have watched their loved ones live and die. Tell that to the thousands of service members who have had a shipmate (or whatever they call each other in the other services) die in their arms.

No one suffers more? Oh, please.

I'm willing to bet that the President and his bride both sleep well, and long, at night. And their daughters do, too.

I'm not sure they know what suffering really is. I know I don't. While I feel empathy, I don't really know. I admit it. I am blessed.

Would I, if I could, end the suffering, I would. But I don't have that power.

I know somebody who does, however.

Perhaps that is the suffering the President feels; he's backed himself into a corner, and doesn't see a way out without losing face.

But that, dear reader, isn't suffering in the true sense of the word.

h/t to Raising Kane.

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  1. Maybe their daughters can join the military, and the president and Mrs. can really see what it's like to have a loved one at war. I'm willing to bet that he will be calling all the troops home.