Monday, April 16, 2007

Not sure what to say

Virginia Tech Shootings
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I'm struck silent.

My eldest son is 14; four more years and he'll be off on some college campus.

The Virginia Tech website was updated a little over an hour ago:
Two shootings on campus today have left 22 confirmed dead, including students.

Families wishing to reunite with students are suggested to meet at the Inn at Virginia Tech. The university is planning a convocation for tomorrow at noon at Cassell Coliseum for the university community to come together to begin to deal with the tragedy.

Counseling is available in the Bowman Room in the Merriman Center (part of the athletic complex) for employees who seek assistance following today’s events.

All faculty and staff have been released and asked to go home effective immediately.

The university will open tomorrow at 8 a.m. but classes are cancelled.
The University is using the website to get information out as quickly as possible. And it's posted to the front page; no digging or clicking needed.

Christine Hauser and Anahad O'Connor, reporters for the New York Times, noted, "The attack was the deadliest campus shooting in American history."
A few details emerged from the news conference. At 7:15 a.m., an emergency 911 call came in to University police department about a shooting at a campus building, West Ambler Johnston, a dormitory for about 900 freshman students. About three hours later it was followed by a second shooting at a classroom in a science and engineering building on the opposite end of campus, Norris Hall. The shooter died there, the police said.

“It didn’t stop for almost two or three minutes,” a junior from Fairfax named Josh told CNN. “It sounded like a handgun or something but it was many, many shots.”

While there were no confirmed details about the identity of the gunman, reports from one person said to be a witness was posted on the MSNBC Web site, describing the assailant as wearing a black leather jacket and wielding two 9 millimeter handguns. He used one to kill himself, the witness said.
Two shooters? One shooter who made his way across campus to continue his rampage in a classroom?

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