Friday, April 27, 2007

Now we're using Google at the borders

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Interesting post over at Techdirt about
a Canadian man who was denied entrance to the US after border guards did a Google search on his name and discovered a peer-reviewed academic paper he'd written years earlier that mentioned his own LSD use over 30 years ago.
From Rod Mickleburgh at the Globe and Mail:
Eugene Oscapella, an Ottawa lawyer involved in privacy issues for 20 years, said the incident sends a frightening message to Internet users, particularly those who bare their souls online....

"It's an awful situation. Maybe you're somewhere on YouTube or Facebook. They just have to Google your name. I don't think kids understand the consequences.

"It's not like you can just burn your notebooks any more," he said. "This is forever, folks."
Isn't that the truth. The digital footprint is forever.

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